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Why legal advice is only part of the solution in preparing for the GDPR in a recruitment sector business

A common complaint from firms who have sought advice from their lawyers or generic GDPR consultants, is that they find that their advice or approach is impractical to implement in the business. Having grasped the implications of the legislation, Helen Haddon, a consultant with 20 years operational experience in executive […]

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IT Security, recruitment and the GDPR

A key piece of assessing the risk and mitigating risks that a recruitment business creates for its clients and candidates in holding their data is IT Security. Recently, we all had a huge wakeup, with the global spread of the WannaCry ransomware crippling many organisations globally including the NHS. It […]

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How does the GDPR affect executive search and recruitment processes?

The core of the legislation is the assertion that an individual’s right to privacy and control over his/her own data is a fundamental human right. Despite being EU legislation, it applies to companies outside Europe when they process data of EU citizens. The GDPR touches everything from assignment work, marketing, […]

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