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Online GDPR training, designed specifically for executive search and recruitment professionals

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GDPR training

Our GDPR online training "GDPR Essentials" is designed specifically for executive search and recruitment professionals by the ComplyGDPR team.

The training ensures each of your staff have a good understanding of GDPR and how it relates to the executive search and recruitment process.  It also highlights ways their own actions could cause a data breach, or even make them personally liable.

The varied content includes animation, narrative and interactivity, alongside video tracking the activities of Ben at Rec Search and his disastrous approach to data protection.

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Cyber security awareness training

To complement your GDPR employee training, “Stay Safe Online: Top Tips For Staff” is a short online training module that gives your employees simple, non-technical advice about cyber security.

We provide this short online course by the National Cyber Security Centre in addition to our core GDPR online training.


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Why train your staff?

Data breaches are almost always a result of human error. Staff training is essential in order to mitigate the risks of a data breach. And to help avoid fines, it is essential to be able to provide training records in the event of a breach investigation.

Everyone in your business needs to understand how they can embed data security and data privacy practices into their own day to day activities to comply with GDPR.