We offer a refined suite of services that will help you find your way through the minefield of regulation that is GDPR.

Rest assured that we have already done all of the groundwork to help your business prepare for GDPR. Get in touch today and we can walk you through the toolkit showing you how it will benefit your business


Information & Gap Analysis Audit

An Information Audit and Gap Analysis is your place to start.  We provide you with a structured process through use of the ComplyGDPR audit questionnaire that will help your company identify all the personal data held by the company and its associated journey through the business: where did you get it from, how long have you had it, who has access to it, how do you protect it and who do you share it with for example.  The outputs of this provide you with an “Information Audit” which is required for the GDPR.  We work with you to help you understand where you are falling short so you can plan a way forward.  We meet with key data stakeholders to understand your working practices and share notable aspects of the Audit which will raise awareness.  We provide you with a written Gap Analysis report to identify what needs to be done to to comply with the requirements with the GDPR



Comply GDPR toolkit

ComplyGDPR is a modular toolkit. At the heart of it is the toolkit handbook.

This explains in a practical way how GDPR specifically applies to your Executive Search, Interim management or In-house recruiting team. Most importantly it guides you through exactly what to do.

It includes recommended processes, policies, forms, clauses, checklists, documents and templates for assignment work and your internal HR processes.

The manual has been co-written by Virtuous Circles and the legal team.

Updated documents and advice will be provided until 25th May 2018. An optional annual contract is available to cover updates after this date.


Implementation Support

ComplyGDPR clients purchasing the toolkit before the end of October 2017 will have access to the helpline until 25th May 2018.

The dedicated helpline team will provide support and ensure that the most appropriate member of our team assists with your implementation queries.

A new support structure for ComplyGDPR clients needing ongoing support will be in place after 25th May 2018 covered by an annual fee.

Access to the helpline for new clients after 30th October 2017 will be subject to availability.



Ensuring that staff are trained and that training records are kept demonstrates commitment to GDPR. This reduces risk of a breach and will be required for a breach investigation.

We have a number of training options to ensure that all of your staff understand and are kept up to date with GDPR
These include
- Training sessions delivered at your premises
- Train the trainer courses
- On-line computer based modules
- On-line knowledge checks
- Provision of reports and staff training records.


IT Risk Audit

The UK government’s recent cyber risk survey found that whilst 69 per cent of businesses say their senior management consider cyber security is a very or fairly high priority for their organisation, only half of businesses have actually taken action to identify cyber risks.

Whether you are running your own IT or are outsourcing your IT services, ensure that you understand the risk areas in your business by commissioning an independent GDPR IT Risk Audit with one of ComplyGDPR’s IT audit partners.