Reasons why Recruitment Business Leaders are falling in love with the GDPR

Reasons why recruitment business leaders are falling in love with the GDPR.

Did I hear that correctly? You said that “your business is better managed because of the GDPR?”.

Yes, believe it or not, our clients are telling us that “the GDPR is making their business stronger and better managed.” Considering that many of businesses started off on the GDPR journey only because “they had to do it” and it was definitely not love at first sight, this is turning out to be an unexpected and welcomed benefit.

The GDPR changes attitudes as well as your business.

Our belief is that despite the considerable pressures on key people in the business, one of the senior team should take the lead and actively engage in the GDPR project. This is usually taken on board.

Post engagement, we set the client off on the audit and risk assessment stage and agree to have a follow up call in a few weeks.

Fast forward to catch up call day, we learn that the director that has taken up the GDPR mantle is very keen to be on the call.

So, to the moment of truth, “How is it going?”

“Great! We have identified a number of risks in our business which are completely avoidable. We had no idea that we were exposed to some of these risks. We’ve done x, y and z and as a result we’ve put this, that and the other in place. We can see how this process is helping us manage our business better. It’s been really worthwhile, what should we do next?”

How the GDPR benefits a business

So what is going on here? The assessment and mitigation of risks required by the GDPR forces a business to take a close look at what exactly is and is not happening. It causes business owners/leaders to temporarily shift focus from bringing in the fees and delivering work, to looking into how the business is being run. Senior people have the authority and ability to implement changes many of which are no-brainers. The penny drops that the GDPR requires a change management project. it’s not a database project. There are many data privacy and security risks that currently exist that need to be addressed.

So, why didn’t they notice the risks before? Mainly because they are far too busy. This is particularly true where the business has gone through or is going through a growth phase.

The benefits of the process required by the GDPR is not accidental. The goal of the GDPR is that businesses take their responsibilities seriously and embed data privacy into the business. The GDPR touches all aspects of the business which is why it is such a powerful driver for good business management.

Good data privacy and well managed businesses are symbiotic.

Better managed businesses mean less time wildfire fighting which means there is more time and energy for billing, and let’s be honest we’re all in favour of the latter (as well as data privacy of course).

Time working on the GDPR is well spent, if you don’t believe it try it for yourself.

ComplyGPDR works exclusively with recruitment and executive search businesses by providing a toolkit, action plan, training and resources to ensure that you prepare for the GDPR in a way which benefits your business as well as achieving the goal of the GDPR.

Contact us via our website or at to find out how we can help you or to receive the link to our free on-line readiness audit.

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