GDPR – A Year on for Executive Search

So was it all just hype, another Y2K?

Were Search Firms hit by a Tsunami of Data Subject Access Requests?

Was it all bad news for executive search?

Apparently not! Our survey with Invenias of Executive Search reveals the answers to 10 key questions.

Data breaches were caused by the businesses own staff in 86% of cases with email data breach featuring as the most likely cause of staff error.

The ICO have recently highlighted the need for relevant and appropriate training as staff error is a key risk.

The ComplyGDPR 2019 on-line training programme for executive search is now available. It focusses on real life executive search scenarios to ensure that your staff are up to date with the DPA18/GDPR and the need for them to act responsibly with personal data. Email for details.

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