On-Line Training Content

On-Line Training Content

This the intro section

At a glance

  • Personal log-ins for staff to complete at a convenient time
  • Works on mobiles or desktops
  • Approx 30 minutes long
  • Modular, relevant and varied content
  • Provides training records
  • Available to for hosting on your own learning management system
  • Customisation options possible (for own branding and specific requirements)
  • Optional knowledge check and scoring

Varied delivery method

Video - Follow the day of a consultant at fictitious business Rec-Search who has little regard for data security and the how a series of data breaches result from his actions.

Learn how his assistant handles data breaches and correct procedure.

Animation – dealing with marketing and the importance of data privacy

Narrative and explanation of key aspects of the GDPR

Self assessment and knowledge checks

Key content

The reason for the GDPR
The GDPR principles
Personal data
Special category data
Data breach reporting
Data subject access requests
Recording personal data
IT security
Office security
Secure disposal of personal data Use of personal data for Marketing