Our Partners

Our Partners

The power of collaboration

Some of the requirements of the GDPR around managing personal data can be supported by features developed by CRM and ATS recruitment system providers.

We support clients on whatever platform they are using. We aim to have a dialogue with software providers so we can advise clients on how to best use the features in their system to assist with managing data in a way that complies with the requirements of the GDPR.

We are system agnostic in our support to our clients. For this reason we do not provide advice on which system to use.

If you require advice on system selection we can refer you to some consultants who can support you with independent advice based on your wider requirements.

Who are they

Suppliers to the recruitment and executive search market that we have a strong relationship with are:


Bond Adapt - cloud-based recruitment and staffing management platforms






We also work with the following:

Bullhorn, CandidateID, Firefish, HireserveJobScience, Kyloe and Not Actively Looking